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Material is reclaimed from its own context, and combined with unrelated material. The concept of REpop art refers, not asmuch to my art itself, as to the attitudes that lead it to Re think Art. This inspires me to make Art with an imperative message about the transformational, bright side of everything. I called it RE-POP ART" -Liliana Marquez 

Extras for Creative Reuse​

Extras is a not just a place to get reusable materials, it’s a community.

It’s a place to be inspired, to share ideas, and to create.

Our mission is to stimulate creative learning and help children awaken their creative potential in education and play through the use of reusable, recycled, and surplus material.

Gallery 263

Gallery 263 advances the endeavors of artists and performers, while fostering public engagement, enrichment, and exchange.

Functioning as a creative nexus, Gallery 263 provides a contemporary voice for the arts in Cambridge and regional communities. Through diverse programs including juried shows, artist-curated exhibits, music, dramatic arts, and residencies, Gallery 263 empowers artists and nurtures innovation.

Uforget Gallery

Celebrating the emerging and independent artist.

Founded in 2011, UFORGE Gallery is committed to showcasing both professional and emerging artists in an innovative, inclusive environment. Their monthly exhibits feature a wide variety of talent from around New England.​

Where ART meets YOU!

Kids Workshops

She also works performing creative workshops for young children in local schools and workshops spaces to help them explore language, structure, shape, color, and their own unique qualities through our "learning by doing" process.

These workshops highly encourage children to use recycled materials while creatively repurposing them to create small sculptures.

Provide expressive & creative tools for young people through all kind of eco-design, art activities, and workshops.

We transform the excess of material into eco ART.
Creative design by diverting clean non-toxic reusable excess inventory from the business community of New England.

Creating a great reduce, reused, recycle world 3R.

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