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I am what I see.
See What I am.

​Liliana Marquez, aka. "lilimarq," has been a resident of Boston MA since 1998. Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, her mother encouraged her to express herself through art in a fun, creative, and multicultural environment full of music, dance, literature, film, photography, sculpture, and painting.

She has a BA in Art and Graphic Design from the prestigious Caracas Institute of Design in Venezuela.
Explaining her philosophy of art, Liliana says, “we live in a mass production era where we have a wonderful world full of extra material, so I decided to incorporate as much re-claimed and surplus materials as possible in all my designs... I called it RE POP ART. I achieve great satisfaction in knowing that I am able to transform surplus and discarded materials into art and receive even more pleasure when I see the smiles from those who enjoy my work.”
Mainly focused on working in 3D , Liliana designs lamps, furniture and produces art to create an inspiring message of life, hope, and positive energy. She also works performing creative workshops for young children in local schools to help them explore language, structure, shape, color, and their own unique qualities through our "learning by doing" process. These workshops highly encourage children to use recycled materials while creatively repurposing them to create small sculptures. She has a studio where she designs, creates, and sells her work in Stoughton, MA 02072.


All studio artwork displayed on this website is currently for sale unless otherwise noted. Purchases can be made directly by sending a purchase inquiry to

All work ships professionally packaged and will be shipped within 72 hours after customer recieves confirmation via e-mail. Design commissions please contact


I repurpose surplus architectural samplest.into captivating sculptures, aiming to make a positive environmental impacT. Each artwork showcases the material's beauty and promotes repurposing. Collaboration between artists and architects can create meaningful, sustainable pieces. By commissioning such works, your company showcases its commitment to sustainability and a better planet. Let's inspire environmental consciousness through commissioned pieces. 

Together, we make a positive impact.

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